Abuse Survivor Support

Abuse Survivor Support

There’s a great quote by Barbara Katz Rothman that, I think especially applies to women with a history of abuse or trauma and would benefit from Abuse Survivor Support:  

“Birth is not only about making babies. Birth is about making mothers – strong, competent, capable mothers who trust themselves and know their inner strength. ”

— Barbara Katz Rothman
abuse survivor support
When Survivors Give Birth is an abuse survivor consultation that was developed by Penny Simkin, PT.

We know that a woman who feels empowered during her pregnancy and birth will often bond better with her baby, and experience less postpartum depression Allowing her to move into motherhood with increased confidence and strength. For a woman who is a childhood sexual abuse or  trauma survivor, this can be even more important… her ability to feel empowered during pregnancy and birth can also heal deep wounds from her past.  This potential for so much healing is what brings me to my work with pregnant and postpartum abuse and trauma survivors, and I feel honored to assist my clients in such an important way.

I provide Survivor Consultations to birthing people working with another doula. In these consultations we will talk about the birthing process and different things that may occur. Together, we strategize how you can maintain your empowerment through difficult situations. I do not need to know your history to help you identify how birth may bring up difficult emotions. Survivor consultations consist of two 2-hour meetings and one 1-hour follow up after the birth. I am well equipped to support you in a creating a Survivor Birth plan for your care providers that will be effective but not overwhelming.

 I also support survivors of abuse in birth as a doula. Our goal in working together is guiding you through an empowering birth experience. I will advocate for you to find your voice, and feel in control of your body.

If you feel that this would be beneficial to you, please go to my scheduling page and schedule an Abuse Survivor Consultation. We will meet in my office. During this meeting, we will be discussing different aspects of birth and interventions. In doing so, discussing how to help you feel in control through your birth.