How to Pay for Your Package

How to Pay for Your Package

I have outlined what is included in my birth doula packages. Births take me away from my family for a considerable amount of time. For some, paying for your doula package is not an issue. Here is some information about how to for your package if it is an issue:

If you are a Medicaid or CHP+ recipient please consider interviewing Mountain Midwifery Center for your Pregnancy and Birth Care. I am a volunteer doula in the Volunteer Doula Program at MMC. I would love to volunteer for your birth or find another amazing doula who has availability to volunteer for you birth! Otherwise, I do not offer discounts or volunteer services of any kind.

If you need to make other payment arrangements, contact me, let’s work out a payment schedule that works for you. Regardless of the payment arrangement, service packages are required to be paid in full by 37 weeks. Together, we will find a payment arrangement so you can figure out how to pay for your package.

Here are some other options to to help you figure out how to pay for your package:

  • List my contact information on your registry. Your family and friends can donate to me directly!
    • You won’t really be needing all of those blankets, bottles, and cleaning supplies. Skin-to-skin care is the best way to keep your infant nice and snuggly warm!
  • Let your family know that getting the birth that you want is important to you. Give them my contact information!
    • Most families are looking for ways to help the new additions make their BEST entrance into the world. Let them know that moms and babies who were supported by a professional doula during their birth and transition are happier, healthier, and more connected to each other!
  • Ask your insurance company. Many insurances are beginning to understand the value and health care cost savings associated with professional birth support.
    • All of my clients that have purchased a Birth Doula Package receive an invoice with my National Provider Identification. Let me know what information your insurance company needs! I will work with you to get reimbursement.
    • Being supported by a doula for your birth reduces the cost of your birth to your insurance company.
  • You can cover the cost of your birth doula with your Health Savings Account (HSA).
    • My payment services company is a trusted and reputable vendor that accepts HSA cards.
  • When you have a doula, you reduce your hospital bills or the likelihood of transfer and have better health outcomes during and after giving birth because of few interventions.
  • You’ll also have access to a qualified and experienced Lactation Consultant! You’ll save $1,733.75 in the first year alone by not needing to give artificial feeding supplements!
    • Your baby is also less likely to need to see the doctor for sicknesses, as well. When you decide to go back to work, your child won’t need to be home sick as often!
  • Ask your friends and family to crowdfund to contribute to your birth. Small donations from many people add up in no time!

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