I Support Family Centered Cesarean Birth!

There are medically indicated situations where vaginal birth is not practical. You deserve a beautiful and empowering birth! I have experience facilitating skin to skin contact in the operating room. I will meet with you prenatally, to discuss nutrition, nursing, and the procedure. I will help you write your birth plan for Family Centered Cesarean birth. I will stay with you through the procedure, help with skin to skin care, and the first nursing session.

If you are giving birth in a hospital setting, you may want to talk to your doctor or Certified Nurse Midwife about the possibility of a having a Family Centered Cesarean. Sometimes things happen during labor and a Cesarean becomes an option that is necessary. Do not wait until you are in the laboring in the hospital to have these discussion with your health providers! However, if you know that you are going to need to have a Cesarean, some hospitals are better than others about treating Cesearean sections like the births that they are. We will talk about great ways to broach this subject with your provider to ensure that you are receiving evidence based mother centered care

Some of the things that can be discussed are having two people in the operating room with you: one to stay with the birthing person, one to focus on the infant. Asking that all medical staff keep conversations to what is absolutely necessary and about the birthing family or their infant. Immediate skin to skin time for mom and baby to facilitate bonding and improve breastfeeding outcomes. Having your chest free of wires allows ease of baby’s first nursing session. Asking for IVs and such to be placed in the non-dominant arm and in areas of the arm that are not critical, such as the elbow or wrist.

Please take some time to learn about Family Centered Cesarean:

Here is a great article by NPR: The Gentle Cesarean.
Here is an amazing video: The natural caesarean: a woman-centred technique
Here is a great article released by OB/GYNs at Brigham and Women’s Hospital: Mother, baby, and family centered cesarean delivery: It is possible
Here is some great advice for writing a Family Centered Cesarean Birth plan

Schedule a Doula Consultation to arrange a time to meet with me to discuss these options and how I can help you access this kind of evidence based mother centered care.

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